Golden Bean@Luxembourg

“Overrated, but great place for the faint-hearted”

Although Golden Bean has high ratings, it does not really live up to its name. Tucked just round the corner of the shopping district in Luxembourg, this cosy little hideout serves a variety of coffees, cold drinks (frappes, smoothies), cakes and cookies.

Although well-known for its coffee, its coffee hardly tastes like coffee (no coffee taste/smell!), and the caffeine content is not that high. Do not expect yourself to get an adrenaline rush as you sip.

Mocha @ €4.40

Mocha had negligible chocolate & coffee taste. While it is not memorable, do check the plates out though. “The coffee experience” is printed on the dish, fancy lil’ thing there.

Smoothies @ €4.75

Smoothies were pretty substandard as well. The strawberry one tasted nothing like strawberry except for its colour and it was way too milky for my liking.

Cookie @ €2.80 each!

Chocolate cookie was the chewy type, like Subway, but the latter serves better cookies than Golden Bean, sadly.

Classic Blueberry Cheesecake @ €3.70

Blueberry cheesecake was not bad, I’ll give it a 6/10. The cheese had the right texture, neither too soft nor too sticky. Some cheesecakes glide down your throat like a snail as they are way too gluey. The blueberry portion wasn’t too sweet as well.

Almond + caramel tart-like cake ……5/10 for being gelart (i.e. you’ll get sick of it if you’ve too much of it)

The only takeaway is that the drink portions are huge! Value for money indeed. And, not forgetting the awesome cosy ambience it has. You can basically sit down there for hours, without feeling queasy. Just like this random person below!

For better cakes and desserts, try Oberweis instead. Oberweis is really worth a visit even if you don’t wish to order any food. But if you’re looking for something more bland and less flavourful, Golden Bean could be a great place for you!

NB: Power points available to charge your smart devices! (Essential tip for geeks!)

Once bitten, twice shy; twice bitten, no third try!
I doubt I will return for a third visit.


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