The Chronicles of The Creepy Crawly Crêpe

“A Crapulous Indulgence”

Welcome to the land of crêpes! Despite being more often mispronounced than not, crêpes have conquered the hearts of many, no matter how crappy you’re. (For those who know your French, pun intended!)

Crêpes usually don’t go wrong, but they do come in various styles. The French crêpe is really different from the ones in Tallinn that are more starchy and chewy. Just like how Tiramisu in Italy has different proportions of marscapone and lady fingers from those made in other parts of the world. In short, crêpes are like flat white, every barista has his own personalized version of it but it almost always turns out well.

Rivoli cafe serves crêpe in a handy paper bag and gives really generous amounts of Nutella, which IMO is one of the things that can never go wrong with stuffs like waffles, pancakes and the like.

Since Nutella is the constant, the differentiating point comes from the batter. Here, the crêpe skin is soft, chewy and most importantly THIN. Even with it being folded up into many halves, you can hardly feel the “dough” effect (imagine the feeling of biting through a block of baked batter)

The thinness backfired a little though, as Nutella started oozing out from the other end of the crêpe as we nibbled on it top down.

Maybe they should start doing the revised version of Cornetto thingy where they drizzle a bit of chocolate down the cone, freeze it, and then add the icecream on top so when the ice cream melts, it doesn’t flow through the cone.

Anyhow, crêpes are still one of the best comfort food around!

Bisous! ❤


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