Snog your heart out @ Soho

“A stylish, chic and modern hangout for the hipster”

I really love the “disco-like” luminous balls that make Snog one of the coolest frozen yogurt stores ever. Together with the clubbing music, it felt almost like I was having a shot of frozen yogurt while doing some pop and lock moves.

2014-11-04 16.25.56-12014-11-04 16.21.42

2014-11-04 16.22.26-1
Blackberries + Other berries Blueberry flavoured yogurt £5.95-£6.25

The blueberry yogurt was fruity and refreshing! ❤ Prices start from £4.50. But probably the most memorable things is the SPECIAL SNOG SPOON. Bright pink and metallic – it makes the eating yogurt a fashion statement, almost.

Compared to other yogurt stores I have patronized, Snog is pretty comparable in terms of quality. But of course, Llao llao is still slightly better, with a bigger portion and more toppings at a more affordable price.

Sadly, I doubt Llao Llao has debuted in London yet. But surely, one day it will.

Overall, good store experience.

Love the ambience,
Will be back for more Snog


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