The Lord Has Arrived at Shepherdess Walk

“Not the best location, but probably one of the best £10 pound burger I’ve had in London”

Pleasantly surprised. For me, pubs and burgers do not go together most of the time. Most pub food is meh~ and at most average. (meh~ is less than average IMO).

But this….Ka-boom.

We were first taken aback by the menu. Around £10.00 for a burger, WITHOUT ANY SIDES. AT A PUB, which is not exactly at the best location. You kidding me Lord William IV? Not even a bit of fries? BUT you were right. Sweat it, if you want something better.

Mains: 7 oz Grassfed Beef Burger (Taste: 8/10)

new burger.png
7 Oz Grass-fed Beef Burger £10.00

This is the heavenly seven oz grass-fed beef burger with tomato, red onion, lettuce and gherkin. With ingredients well-rested in between a demi brioche bun that melts in your mouth, the flavors sing in harmony. Soprano for gherkin (SOURRR!!), Tenor for onions, lettuce and tomatoes (Refreshing veg!), Baritone for the beef (Succulent and MELLOWW) and Bass for the bread (Wrapping the “band” up nicely).

My friend had a fried bacon burger (deep fried bacon that tasted sooooo good despite my friend’s disinterest in fried food in general). That says something.

Sides: Skinny Matchstick Fries (Taste: 8/10)
The sides are at £3.50 each. The Skinny Matchstick Fries are great for foodies who love thin cut, crunchy fries.  Perfect burger companions that can be tucked between the two “bass-es” of bread without getting messy.

What surprised me most was their Homemade Mayo. Who makes mayo nowadays by themselves? From a PUB? Don’t we get them easily from bottled ones? But this is homemade, and fresh outta the kitchen. Quality Checked!

Compare this to other burger restaurants like Meat Market and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, WIlliam IV is way better. Check out their latest menu here.

More than just satisfied. A Value for money place to dine.
XOXO! Till we meet again, your majesty.


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