Sizzling @ Zizzi, Bene’t Street Cambridge UK

 My experience in one sentence:
“An eloquent menu that sounds more alluring than it tastes”

Zizzi is a restaurant group that has a strong presence of over 140 restaurants in both Ireland and UK. But just like many other chain restaurants, the quality of food is meh~.

Ambience (7/10)
I particularly liked the huge oven that sat right in the middle of the huge, spacious restaurant that contains around 30-40 tables easily.  It was brightly lit and colorful, a family-friendly place.

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The menu was extensive. There were various options of pizzas, pastas, sides, and even drinks -warm, iced, cold, alcoholic etc. Spoilt for choices!!

Affordable drinks (Taste: 5/10)


Peach Melba Fizz = Sprite, fresh raspberries & rosemary; it was pretty refreshing
Hot chocolate was normal. No surprises

The presentation of the drinks was easily 7/10. I really liked how the glass for the hot chocolate was like a transparent thermos flask. It has two layers of glass to it. I assume it keeps the drink warmer for a longer period of time since it does not come into direct contact with the “air” outside? Law of induction/ radiation? Any Physics people here?

Starters: Fritto Misto (Taste: 7/10)
Outta the many many starters that they had, we made a conservative choice: Fritto Misto, a seafood platter with battered king prawns, calamari, mussel ‘popcorn’, peppers, artichoke & courgette. It was served with chilli, lemon, parsley & an aioli dip.

There was an even spread of mussels, prawns and calamari. A good choice if you like some variation to kickstart your meal. As they were all lightly battered and easy to eat,  it was like Pringles. Once you pop, you can’t stop!

Fritto Misto £7.55 (small)


Main: Rustica Pizza Pulled Pork Napoli (Taste Rating: 4/10)
Zizzi’s HUGE oven makes its pizza seemingly promising. Ovens of that scale usually produce really good quality pizzas, but this time round, it seems like there is an unpleasant surprise.

Rustica Pizza Pulled Pork Napoli £13.25

With pulled pork on a white base (meaning no tomato sauce) of Fior di Latte & smoked mozzarella, pepperoni, crispy prosciutto, sunblush tomatoes, thyme & smoked garlic oil, it sounds like a cool pizza with an explosion of different flavours. But nah-uh, it was disappointingly bland and boring.

Main: Pulled Beef & Venison Strozzapreti (Taste: 3/10)

3 BAD Reasons why it deserves a score of 3/10

  • Pasta was overcooked, too soft
  • There was no beef/ venison. They were both ‘Bolognesed’ well into the tomato sauce base, to the extent that the meat has lost its texture
  • The sauce tastes a little too ‘alkaline’ for some reason, like swimming pool water
Pulled Beef & Venison Strozzapreti £11.95


Main: Spiedini Pescatore (Taste 4/10 turned 2/10)

A Mediterranean hanging skewer of oven roasted king prawns, salmon, peppers & courgettes. Served with Tuscan potatoes, a white wine & lemon sauce & an Italian naked slaw.

The hanging skewer looked lovely, except that the 2 out of 5 prawns and  1 out of 4 salmon pieces were 1/2 cooked (hence rating of 2/10).

But it is when shit happens that you realise how good the service is.

The staff was apologetic and gave us a brand new dish and took the it off from our bill. FREE SALMON yay! Unfortunately, their ‘guilt’ back-fired. The new dish was 1/2 Burnt. Overcooked out of fear?

Spiedini Pescatore £14.25 

As for the cooked bits, they were pretty tasteless and a tad too oily, sadly. Looks isn’t everything.

Dissatisfied except for the drinks and starters, but a standing ovation is deserved for the service! (:


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