A snapshot of France in Edinburgh @ Petit Paris

img_8260“Bonjour Mademoiselle!” the service staff beamed at us. “…. our specialities for today…”, he went on…”Where are you from?…” his wide smile accompanied his unfortunate monologue with a group of famished, seemingly uninterested Asians…us.


No one has told me about this French restaurant in Grassmarket. With numerous famous Scottish bars strewn across this old city of Edinburgh, French cuisine is hardly tops the list of must-tries.

But life is full of surprises.

Lunch menu for that day: £8.90 for a mains (fish/chicken/steak/sausage) + coffee; £12.90 for mains+coffee+soup/soup of the day!

Soup of the day was carrots, and the other was the french onion soup.

French onion soup occassionally comes with an evenly-swirled egg that makes it the ultimate tummy-warming comfort food, especially during winter. This had streaks of cheese instead.

The accompanying, thoroughly soaked-through piece of baguette sunbathing among the onions, as though bidding goodbye to the harsh, cold Scottish spring welcoming summer had captured the essence of the soup. While it had lost its crispiness and crunchiness, biting it was like squeezing a sponge-ful of fresh onions in your mouth, YUMYUM.


Although the carrot soup was hardly half as flavorful as the onion soup, the carrots were well-blended and really fresh!

Great for veg lovers as drinking it felt like munching on a bunch of freshlysteamed, albeit sweet, carrots.

Medium steak w. wedges. The wedges were as thick as steak fries but marinated with herbs, making it a little more exciting than normal wedges are. Even though I expected medium steaks to have a tougher texture, this was just nice. Soft and tender, juicy (most importantly) and succulent! Not bloody as well, for those who are naturally afraid of oozing red jus.

Pok-pok-gehhhhhh~~~~ here comes the chicken in creamy sauce. Many restaurants overdo the creamy sauce and make it really thick and gooey, almost as though the sauce is the main lead of the dish. But here at Petit Paris, the sauce was light and fluffy, not overly creamy, rich or briny. The not-very-gamey chicken paired well with the sauce, and as the meat was lean, it almost felt like I can go on and on eating it without feeling sick of it. Recall how some carbonara dishes or creamy clam chowder turn you off after 5 minutes of digging in cos of the overpowering cream? This was nothing like those thick, buttery-ish stuff. Disappointingly though, there were more potato wedges for us.

Mustard creamy sauce in sausage and mash + sundried tomato. This was like an almost perfect hotdog without the bread, except the dog is a little too salty, and so was the sundried tomato that rested nicely on the mashed potatoes (more potatoes!!!! ahhhh~~~) The mustard was REALLY good though. When eaten with the salty sausage, it actually managed to cover up the saltiness of the sausage and made the whole eating experience more enjoyable. This dish is good to share actually, you’ll probably get a tad overwhelmed if you tried to finish this really flavorful and MSG-ful dog.

Always end your meal off with something sweeeeeettttt~~~ As we almost reached the maximum capacity of our stomaches, we decided to share ONE tart. The waiter (the one above) was really really nice and did not mind 4 of us sharing ONE small tart. He gave us 4 pairs of cutlery just for this finale of our afternoon. Mind you, we spent almost 2 hours digging in, slowly enjoying every bite of things since the food was truly enjoyable.

An old man with his really cute little dog was also busking along the streets of Grassmarket, providing us with a really chill atmosphere to relax and enjoy the warm (not exactly) Scottish summer afternoon.

The desert was…….Le dessert du jour de La Barantine (£4.90) i.e. dessert of the day from the neighbouring store ‘La Barantine’. Well… the waiter did not exactly tell us that the tart of the day was from its neighbour initially. We only managed to figure it out when we passed by the store selling the exact same tart after our lunch!!! (SCAMMMM)


photo credits to: http://www.greatergrassmarket.co.uk/find/business/la-barantine

But nevertheless, the tart was reallllllly awesome. I can’t stress more as to how good it was. The fruits were fresh (berries <333), of course that’s level 1 for fruit tarts. No fresh fruits, no fruit tart!! The crust was not powdery and most importantly, it did not break easily. We could actually cut it into 4 nicely. The crust was not too buttery as well, which explains possibly why it could stay intact. Imagine cutting a shortbread, you probably get a disaster.

With a string of heart shapes (made of jam), drizzled alongside the circumference of the tart, don’t you feel LOVEDDDDDD just by staring at it?  A tart full of love, I would say. <33333 And it was soaked in a pond of custard I believe. The yellow thing that usually keeps fruits in place inside the tart.. is.. vanilla custard! Yes, so that pool of yellow on the plate tastes exactly like vanilla custard. Da-bomb. Love this combination.


Burps…. Leaving France in Edinburgh, very satisfied with the desserts especially.



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