Wingardium Leviosa@The Wizarding a World of Harry Potter

Reducio! Quietus! Salvio Hexia! Sonoros! If these even sound vaguely familiar, you’re pretty much a Harry Potter fan aren’t you?

Why not spend some time living like Potter then, eating food from their Hogwarts canteen and… Feel like a wizard for once! Situated at Universal Studios, Orlando, The Three Broomsticks is the Hogwarts dining area!

Here’s the menu!! Feeling pretty excited, we decided to try everythin we could. Thanks to the long queues at universal studios and the really crazily warm weather, the first thing that we wanted was something ice cold slushy and frozen. Potter fans, you would know it better. BUTTER BEER!

Yes,Butter beer could be very well the first thing that comes to the mind of many fans out there. Here, there are two kinds! Frozen butter beer and the normal one. Almost all of my friends tell me that it’s a MUST TRY. Yes I got you guys. I’m trying it on behalf on those that are more excited than I am.

Here it is! I overheard a conversation from a stranger who mentioned that butter beer tastes like ice cream soda. It sure does! It’s like vanilla-ish slurpee. Tastes nothing special to me actually but my friend did tell me that it tastes exactly like how it is from the book. Apparently JK Rowling did a really good, vivid description of how butter beer tastes like?

Something sweet was next on the list. Chocolate trifle! Chocolate cream with ONE berry. It’s like eating a cold McDonald’s hot fudge sundae without the ice cream.

Filling, but not fulfilling, that’s the only way I can describe it.

But I did like the container (?) it was presented in though. There’s this place in  Singapore (Poulet, a French casual restaurant) that serves its tiramisu in this way too.

See! The tiramisu at Poulet is pretty decent though, way better than the chocolate trifle at universal studios. But then again, you wouldn’t expect good food inside a theme park. It’s all about the experience.

We tried almost all of the more exciting mains as well.

Fish and chips! This was the most decent among the three we tried. The batter was a bit too thick though. It was crispy enough to be eaten alone actually, like fries!! Sometimes I kinda like fish and chips when you can separate the batter from the fish easily. This is the kind where you can do just that. So when you get sick of the batter, you can just eat he fish, without having to make a mess out on the plate. But the wedges were good. I especially like the skinny and crispy ones more than the fat ones that taste like steak fries.

Next up, we had Guinness stew with beef and lamb in a bread bowl. The bread was unfortunately stale. Imagine biting a decade old memory foam pillow, that’s the feeling I got when I had the bread. Nevertheless, hungry me ate almost he whole thing. Thanks to my friend who claims that she has a small appetite. (Uh hum- claim.) with regards to the stew, there isn’t much about it. It tastes nothing like stout, but more like the usual brown saucey stews you have. There are some carrots inside as well, making me feel less guilty for over ordering, as usual.

The joy of over ordering is that you can switch in between different kinds of dishes anytime you wanna. So we ate mains then desserts, then mains again and etc. Eating like a glutton, we had… THIS….CRANACHAN

Cranachan is a bimbo. Pretty, without substance. A smooth cream consisting custard, heavy cream(whatever that means), honey, topped with toasted oats, layered with fresh raspberries and rasp jam looks attractive. BUT. Its taste is just substandard. Even for whipped cream lovers, this isn’t great. The cream wasn’t fluffy enough, a little too creamy and thick, like a slab of compressed Greek yogurt. Then the raspberry jam is just there, like a half sticky post-it hanging around, not interacting much with the other stuffs in the cup. The only passable thingy was the fresh raspberries, which can’t really go wrong.

Just like many other bloggers, there’s always a helicopter-view  photo of food. And aerial photography does wonders. It captures the colors but not the quality of the food. Just like how every city looks exciting when you peer through the slits of the airplane window while landing and taking off, your meals look at least two times more edible and palatable from the above.

Yes no? I don’t know? You’ve to agree.

Finally, last but not the least… Here’s how the cashier and ordering section look like!!

It works like McDonald’s but you get served.

I particularly like the so called chandeliers as they bring out the Harry Potter feel~~~~~~~ and the wooden benches and tables as well.

I’ve eaten a lot for a table of 2.

Colloportus! I’m locking my stomach door. And… Reducio! I need my stomach to become smaller!!! Tata for now. More Harry Potter food sooooon. Time for some THRILLING RIDES!


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