Kil@wat @ Milwaukee

Intercontinental has always upheld a luxurious brand image catered to the luxe travellers. But, there are always exceptions. In Milwaukee, you get more for less. As compared to other cities in USA, Milwaukee is actually a lot more affordable.

Running low on my budget, thanks to the awesome factory outlet shopping in Boston, I had to keep track of my expenses, and of course spend on things that are worth it.

Ironic to some, perhaps, dining in a hotel is not how someone tries to save money, but even if you go on a short term debt, this could be well worth it.

Just to excite you a little, I spent only 40 USD (excluding tips) on a self created 3 course meal + a soup. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF GETTING SUCH GOOD DEALS? How about. Never.

And the main catch of this experience? The Wisconsin cheeseboard. More about it below.

Here’s a quick look at the restaurant interiors. It comes across as a comfortable hideout for me, one with just sufficient amount of lighting to keep your night pleasant. There are some restaurants that really overdo the lighting, dimming it so much that you actually get sleepy eating halfway? One of this has to be Cest la vie, in Singapore. More about it next time! There’s a fine line between being romantic and getting prepared for bedtime, a shoutout to all restaurants! Well unless of course you’re going to the other extreme of dining in the dark, a pretty memorable experience for me as well, more about it next time too!

This time, instead of starting from the first course, I would start from desserts.

Reason being, it’s perhaps the first time I actually bothered to finish the desserts even though I was really very very full! When something pushes you beyond your limits, and you feel that it’s worth it. It has to be good. Mind over body. Heart over stomach!!

First look tells you that it’s a lava cake. But you’re probably deluded just like I was. This dish has a deceiving-ly exciting name: Espresso Stout Chocolate Cake. Sounds pretty mouthwatering isn’t it?

But basically, it’s just dark and milk chocolate + chocolate stout ganache espresso whipped cream + toasted cocoa nib. Sounds a tad too complex? Simplify that…a very moist chocolate cake that looks like a muffin. Gotcha.  The whipped cream had a surprisingly strong coffee taste though. Even for someone like me who isn’t a fan of whipped cream at all, this was well worth a try.

Next up, main course/ entree. Going vegan for once… I ordered this grilled polenta + eggplant stack. It came with arugula (rocket), queso fresco (Mexican fresh cheese), corn and charred pepper salsa. Have you ever noticed that people sometimes just like to order things that they don’t understand? That’s me. I like eating mysterious sounding stuff, like arugula (which I learnt to realize it’s just rocket at the end of the day) and queso fresco( just a flavorless cheese).

Anyhow for the curios minds, polenta is… Cornmeal. A sort of dough like thingy that has the texture of  a hamburger bun soaked in water. Soft and squeeshy, a little like tapioca cake but not that starchy. Not my favorite. But the polenta and brinjal were stacked one on top of another, alternatively, in 3 layers each, so there was 6 layers all together! It’s like a vegan burger resting on a sea of rockets.

The grilled brinjal was great though! It does not taste marinated at all actually, probably was just soaked in salt water for a bit before it hit the grills. It was a perfect match for this meal because of the Wisconsin cheese platter that I had as an appetizer. Some veg is always refreshing after a heavy start.

Before I get to the cheese platter, which is the lost important reason why I went to this restaurant, I have to say that the smartest choice I made was to order a soup du jour alongside the starters.

It’s summer veg soup! Minestrone actually. The sour-ness of the tomatoes was really complementary to the “heavy duty” cheeseboard.

I actually hit more than 50% of my eating capacity after this cheeseboard. But it’s really good!! I swear I can finish eating it all by myself if I hadn’t ordered a mains and soup and dessert. Talking about calories, Gosh, this is probably a 4000kcal meal!

So I heard that Milwaukee is famous for cheese. Hence the Wisconsin cheeseboard is a must try! It comes with 3 artisan cheese, one of which I can’t identify. The other two is blue cheese and I think cheddar. The crackers were light and crispy, tasteless on it’s own but goes well together with the cheese. I particularly like the texture of the unknown cheese as it was chewy, like a block of chocolate fudge, except its salty. So when you bite the cheese together with the cracker, you get both hard, crispy and fudgy+ soft! Just like ice cream and cone. Don’t you agree that ice cream tastes better in waffle cones? Or better still it feels almost like snuggling under your duvet after a long day of hard work!! Comfort food #1. It’s surprisingly not gelard (Singaporeans wold understand  this term) I’ve had really Gelard cheeseboards before! It simply makes you wanna puke halfway through. Oh, and yes the homemade artisan jams that go with it was really a savior! It was a chewy apricot jam, not just your normal squishy soft and Nua~ jam, but a semihard candy like gummy kinda thing. Pretty refreshing!

Before I left I took a quick few more shots around. There’s actually two sides to the restaurant! One of which is the dining area, the other the bar area (second pic below)

Really love this chic and contemp place! Check out the full menu here

Looking for a cheap place with good ambience? Kil@wat is the place to go.

Say.. Cheeseeeeeeeee!!!!!


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