Peanut Butter Banana Burger?!

Believe it or not. Its Ripley’s museum again! You’ll never imagine how gross this burger sounds like when you first imagine it but how surprisingly awesome it tastes. But wait, first things first, where’s this place?

There are a zillion of restaurants in Universal Studios, Orlando, in premise of the City Walk Area, i.e. the main street area that links the two most popular amusement parks -Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.

One very distinct feature these restaurants share is that they are all HUGE, GINORMOUS. You can’t miss any of them. Even a simple hotdog restaurant has a BIG signboard. After a very stringent elimination process, we (or rather my traveling buddy) finally decided to give this a shot… The Cowfish..No doubt the name sounds uninteresting and unattractive, it does serve its purpose of telling us what it serves -cow (burgers) and fish (sashimi and sushi rolls). Simple.

Here’s how one of the entrances look like. See the huge sign? You can’t miss it. Its just so in your face. Although it really looks like a normal bar with less than exciting burgers and fries, the interiors are pretty cool actually.

As the queue was really long, we had to wait for around 45 minutes before receiving a text message for our table. (Thank God for hi-tech, we don’t have to stand there at the restaurant to wait for our seats)

We entered the restaurant through the other entrance (not the one in the photo above), which had a lift by the door. It brought us up to the second floor where the main entrance/ cashier area was.

I particularly liked the interior design of the restaurant. Lamp shades that are made of fish scales are pretty creative, aren’t they? There’s also a huge bowl of noodles that is actually a fish tank near the cashier. Do check that out when you enter the Cowfish.

Since they only had cow and fish… we ordered a sashimi platter that had the most horrible presentation, I swear. Anyone who has eaten sashimi in any Japanese restaurant, even the cheapest or most substandard restaurants, would not present sashimi in this manner.

It looks like ICE KACHANG  -for Singaporeans, you’ll understand. CHECK THIS OUT.

Ta-da!!!! Sashimi looked like it was swept to the shore, lying down lifelessly on some leaves…. then there’s a pile of ice that filled the other half of the bowl. ?!#$%^&*??
Weird isn’t it?

The sashimi was not great either. It was not that fresh so, there is really nothing noteworthy about it, except that it is pretty affordable -9 pieces for 20 USD and 15 pieces for 28 USD.

But anyhow, we tried their sushi roll as well. Check out their full menu here.

The sushi roll had an interesting name though…”The Prime Time Filet & Lobster Roll”. It had lobster and cucumbers inside, topped with seared rare seasoned filet mignon, pan-fried portabella mushroom slices tossed in truffle oil, green onions and spicy mayo. Served with a side of pounded ginger sauce. Sounds exciting, no?

But it tastes bad, although the sauce did mitigate the ‘substandardness’ of it a little as the sauce overpowered the lack of freshness in the fish and the loosely conjoined rice. And once again, the presentation was horrible. Each sushi had a different size, that’s a absolute No-no for Japanese cuisine, which focuses a hell lot on cutting skills. Now I understand why Jap Chefs take years to master the art of slicing sashimi and sushis.  It’s only when they come in different shapes and sizes that you start to appreciate things we had taken for granted. Even the spring onions should have the same size, which of course is not present here as well.


Then again, all of these so-called shortfalls do not matter anymore when we were served with this…..

I really like the quirky name it had…


How catchy and memorable is that. Its a full pound beef burger, with creamy peanut butter, fried bananas, applewood bacon and brioche bun. I bet you feel grossed out now, and so did we. But, we decided to take a leap of faith….. and when we were presented with this dish…

our jaws dropped.


The portion is HUGE. And it was surprisingly aromatic. The photo does it no justice cos it looks really bad and horrible, but you’ve to believe me, its da-bomb.

See how the bananas, bacon and peanut butter have married one another, creating one entity. This thing actually melts in your mouth. Fried bananas and peanut butter actually go well together (believe it or not)!! As our beef patty is medium rare, it was soft, tender and juicy. If I were to use a bit of Science to describe this, the peanut butter serves the role of a solvent and the banana and beef are the solute. So when you place this solute and solvent together, they interact exothermically, creating an explosion of flavours. As the peanut butter is neither sweet nor too salty, it does not take away the taste of the beef or the sweetness of the banana, it merely acts as a ‘catalyst’ that quickens the release of flavors of the beef and fruit.

If i were to write a chemical equation for this…it probably looks something like this…

Banana + Beef + Bacon —Peanut Butter—> MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

Take a closer look at it, and you can probably imagine how it will taste like. I’ve to say, I’ve tried many burgers in many places but nothing beats this, and my friend agrees completely. I hereby declare this the weirdest looking but most memorable burger ever.

For once, I love peanut butter. I’m drowning in love for burgers. XOXO.


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