Slemani @ Edgeware Road

Shisha anyone? There are plenty of shisha places along Edgeware road, but this is one that my friend frequents. Although I know nuts about the Shisha, I do know that the food there is pretty good.

There are many flavours for Shisha, which has to be smoked outside the restaurant, fortunately or not.
img_6927Health issues aside, I learnt that Shisha is actually a great chance for you to have small talks with people from different walks of life. Just like how cigarette lovers enjoy making conversations while taking a breather, shisha does the same too. We were very lucky to have met this dude from Qatar. He told us that water, electricity and utilities are free in Qatar! Who would have imagined such good welfare. Back in my country, there are people who fret over paying bills monthly, some cant even afford to pay and get their electricity and water supplies cut. While the Qatar dude managed to surprise us, we surprised him too, with our eloquence in English. Having stayed in London after a while, we do realise that Asians do surprise locals and others when we speak English or tell them that English is our first language.

That’s just a sneak peak of some perks of staying in a cosmopolitan city like London. Almost every day you would bump into someone from another part of the world, somewhere you might have not even heard of. Alright, too far-fetched.



Good food deserves more mentions and of course bigger fonts, so there’s a more lasting memory of it. At 13.50 pounds, this chicken kebab with rice is da-bomb. I took more than 1 hour of constant eating before I could finish it. Believe-it-or-not. I should put this plate in Ripley’s museum. As we were seated outside, food turned cold easily but surprisingly the kebab taste remains. Not entirely sure how to describe what this kebab tastes like but it does have a softer texture than other kebabs on average that you eat in wraps. Its almost like minced meat, moulded into a small rectangle. You hardly need to bite it actually. Great for lazy people like me who just want to devour the plate without much effort.

Moving on to the Tandoori. Its diameter is probably 30cm or more. Fluffy and “airy”, peeling it off bit by bit is the best way to eat it in my opinion. If only it came with some curry, that would be perfect. Nevertheless, its not oily and hence a good palate cleanser to the relatively stronger taste of kebab. I think on its own it costs only 1 pound, but comes free with Shisha.

Take a look at the full menu here.

Complementary to food, of course there’s turkish tea to go with. The strong taste of tannin overwhelms the mouth as you take even a small sip from the glass. Usually served with 2 small cubes of sugar in the tulip-shaped glass, I decided to give the sugar a miss instead. If you would like to learn more about Turkish tea, you amy read up more here on the traditions and how to prepare Turkish tea. Turkish tea is actually just Black tea. Oh well, not surprising I guess.

Even though its summer time, it actually is really cold outside, still. After around 1 hour or so, both of us could not stay any longer. Brrrrrrr… Who says summer is warm. NO ONE. Sometimes the weather in London is just too harsh, and fickle. Sigh pie.

Brrrrr… Running away from Slemani. ASAP.

OHHH, one more thing. the staff was truly friendly. He asked me when I would return. And.. YES I WOULD. 🙂


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