Swedish Meatballs@ Ikea, Stockholm 

This is the BIGGEST IKEA in the WORLD. The only way to capture it is with a panorama camera. But iPhone does it well, so here we are.

First things first, how to get there. Like many other Ikeas around the world, I would suppose so, there are always free shuttle buses that bring you right to the door step.

Ta-da! Stockholm has many bus stops but this particular one does not have a shelter. It is not even a bus stop. Situated outside a small souvenir shop, just round the corner from Sheraton Hotel, and right outside the Central train station if you’re coming from the other direction, this small blue chart is the bus stop. It’s right under a bridge. If you’re facing the blue chart, central station is just right in front of you and Sheraton is towards your left. “Easier said than found” I think. I had to ask around just to find this out. Gosh. All the effort for this Ikea.

Second thing to note, if you exit, you can’t enter from the exit again. You need to walk all the way through the entrance and re walk the whole Ikea again! Which is a chore, considering that it is the LARGEST Ikea in the world. I had to to that all because I was dying to try the cheap hot dogs that they had, and they only served it at the cafe near the exit. Imagine the horror when I found out. Oh bother. More about hotdogs later.

Here’s what I believe many people wonder. So what is the difference between Ikea meatballs in Sweden and say, Singapore/ Hong Kong? Personal experience tells me that….there’s not much of a difference between the ones in Singapore and Hong Kong. With regards to the one in Sweden, guess what.

The meatballs taste the same too! Is this a bad thing considering the fact that we somehow all expected the Swedish ones to taste better? Or should we rejoice and celebrate the high quality control of Ikeas products? Anyhow, in terms of looks, the Swedish one looks prettier. It comes with ratatouille instead of potatoes, and comes with a side salad of rocket. The lingonberry sauce / brown gravy are the same too.

Affordability wise, it’s cheaper as compared to the ones at Kaffegillet, and in fact tastier and more flavorful as well.

Dinner ends at 730pm in Ikea Stockholm, but do grab it earlier as by the time I reach Ikea at about 4+, the cafeteria area almost had no food left. While there are more than 2 cafes around on different floors, only one of them sell meatballs. The rest merely sell sandwiches, muffins and cakes.

Service there is of Ikea standard, with friendly staff BUT before i forget, the wifi sign up page there has NO ENGLISH. Good luck. Well, you can guess somehow what to fill in and all, basically your email address and password. That’s all. If I can do it, you can too.

If you were to ask me whether this Ikea is worth the trip, it would be if you don’t mind an hour ride from Stockholm central. Other than that Ikea is just like another Starbucks. Same same but different. (Singlish here) The difference probably is psychological; think rational and it’s just the same.

Next up, Ikea hotdogs. Will this be the turning point for you change your mind and make a trip to the worlds largest Ikea?


Signing off. More about meatballs here.


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