La Belgique Gourmande@Brussels

Finally a post that’s not about cafes or restaurant. But this is blog-worthy simply because it’s a gift from one of my lovely friends. She got it from Brussels, an amazing place in Belgium, brushing aside the attacks. More about Brussels later.

La Belgique Gourmande has a wide variety of chocolates and confectionary.

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Anyhow out of the whole wide range of things they had, my awesome friend bought this for me.

Belgium waffles! Not the real one, soft & warm one that I’ll never get sick of. More about Belgium waffles soon, I’ve so much to share about it. It really tastes different from other waffles anywhere else. Even duck & waffle’s waffles can’t match it. Anyway this is another kind of waffles. It’s more like a biscuit. Crunchy and mildly sweet. I can imagine how maple syrup will go well together with it or even any compote. I actually think that waffles is one of the most “versatile” foodstuff. It goes well with both sugary stuffs like jam, berries and honey, and savory things too like duck?

It tastes really good on its own too though, but I had a yogurt pot that was about to expire, so, I made this.

And voila, this sweet combination is heavenly. The berries are a good complement to the waffle and the yogurt. I would totally create a waffle budgeting I could.

Please grab some M&S yogurt if you have the chance to. Not only is it more fruity than the average Danone or Nestle yogurt, it also comes with pretty cool names, like this “West Country Luxury Yogurt”. Since when would we describe yogurt as luxurious? Then again it is pretty luxurious. Prolly just some self fulfilling prophecy.

While there are many chocolatiers in Brussels -you’ll probably get sick of visiting them after a while… Too much free tasting- La Belgique Gourmande sets itself apart in this way:

La Belgique Gourmande also has a “hand-crafted” service element where you can dress up your own vintage style metal presentation box with Chocolate Pearls and Coated Almonds … In this authentic and typically Belgian ambiance you will be sure to find the perfect gift or indulge your desire for something sweet in the late afternoon!”

Perfect place for a gift! Hence, maybe that’s why I got a gift from here too.

Check out all its products here.

Here’s the range of chocolates that my friend got for me.

Aren’t they adorable? Warms my heart by just looking at them. You can choose your own customized box of chocolates from 125g to 1kg and all of them are created with the finest ingredients.

With over 10 years of chocolate making experience, it’s no wonder La Belgique Gourmande has some of the highest ratings among other chocolatiers. Its rating on trip advisor is 4.5.

Chocolately-ing my heart away ❤


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