Fazer cafe@ Helsinki

This could very well be a true representation of Finnish pride. Founded by Karl Fazer, a Finnish businessman, in 1891, Fazer has been producing tones and tones of high quality confectionary, with a focus on chocolates of course.

Multiple brands are under the Fazer group, some of which you probably don’t even know that it’s under Fazer. Here’s a list:

•dumle, geisha, druva, gardesis

And the list goes on…

Although it has a historically strong Finnish presence, it soon spread its prowess to neighbouring countries, such as Stockholm. So in 1920, Fazer debuted in the capital of Sweden.

And in 1930s, Fazer opened this cafe at Helsinki.

That was 1930s and now… It looks pretty much the same? Scroll up, if you’ve forgotten how it looks like in 2016. The signboard remains, with large bold FAZER that you can’t miss.

In that few days that I was in Helsinki, Fazer was always crowded, not surprisingly.

Unlike the usual cafes that sell sandwiches, cakes and the like, Fazer combines it’s retail business with its cafe. It sells Fazer chocolates and other confectionary there as well. And the cafe is. HUGE.

This is merely 1/3 of the cafe? At one glance you can see how wide the variety of confectionary there is! And… To eat-in, all you need to do is to queue up a the counter, starting from where all the cakes  are, then continue walking along the fridge, and figure out if you wanna add any sandwiches and end up at the drinks section. In a way, the queuing system kinda “incentivizes” you to look at all the food stuff available & of cos makes you order more than what you initially intended to.. The psychology of consumer behavior perhaps.

Spoilt for choice, I just picked any of the cakes that looked good.

Here’s what I got. Passion fruit and white chocolate moose. The cutest thing is that free Karl Fazer milk chocolate (it’s very classic product) that looks somewhat out of place with the cake. Nevertheless, it’s a good complement to the very rich white chocolate flavor. The passion fruit taste was a good palate cleanser in a way as it takes away the sweetness of the white chocolate. Smooth is the word to describe this cake as it melts in your mouth and glides down your throat.

If I had to use one word to describe the Fazer cafe, it would be this: Quality-assured.

Thanks to Karl Fazer, we can enjoy one of the most heritage-rich chocolate brands in the world.

Before you leave the cafe, don’t forget to take a look at the man who had all of this started.

Cheers to Karl Fazer.

I’ll be back for sure. Loving the chocolate sensations. Xoxo.


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