L’Eto Cafe@ Soho

Anyone who loves cakes would probably have heard of this place before. Situated right beside the Hummingbird Bakery that is famous for its red velvet, L’eto offers a wide variety of pastries and cakes too. From croissants to cheesecakes to chocolately stuff, L’Eto appeals to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Apart from cakes, they do serve other mains like the normal breakfasy stuffs like eggs and the hi-tea things like crepes , tea, juices and coffee.

A cosy little hideout that sits less than 30 people I believe, L’eto is a place worth visiting if you’re looking for cakes that are rich and flavorful.

I ordered the honey cake, it’s “must-try”. (Even its wifi password is “honey cake”) and I had a drink too. Jasmine passion fruit. Very very sweet a drink. Sugar overload, really, when eating the honey cake and drinking this passion fruit juice thing at the same time.

Here’s the legendary honey cake (£4.90).

I’ve to say it IS an acquired taste, just like durians. Either you hate it or you love it or you just have to eat it many many times to realize the hidden gems within.

Honestly I’ve no idea at all what this cake is made up of except layers of alternating cream and “xxx”, where xxx=honey cake! It’s not like your usual moist chocolate cake whereby each mouthful sticks onto your palate and glides down your throat like a slug sliding down a tree branch. This honey cake part (not the cream) actually crumbles like the crumbs of an apple crumble. It’s kinda powdery and flaky and the bits don’t really stick together. So once you place it in your mouth, the cream actually does the job of coagulating the crumbs together and that’s when the honey taste seeps out through the cream.

The way to eat this cake cleanly, cos of the flaky brown honey cake parts, is to take a “top-down” approach. Use your fork poke it right through the slide from top to bottom. Then eat the whole thing all at once

Perhaps cos I had that cake with the drink, I had a massive sugar overload. Everything’s sweet, in different degrees.

My friend ordered this green tea cheesecake (£5.50). It looks pretty but when you start eating it, the matcha flavor is so strong that it almost overwhelms your palate. A tad too powdery as well, as though you’re eating a spoonful of matcha powder to make tea.

Make sure you share your cakes if you don’t wanna get overwhelmed or feel sick leaving l’eto.

It’s not the first time I’m here,

More honey cakes? Maybe.


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