Cow&chicken @Tramshed, Shoreditch 

How many of us remember watching this from Cartoon Network? I’m a complete fan of this cow and chicken series. The mom and dad that have no heads, only bodies and a whole slew of retardedness that follows. Remember those days where cartoons are drawings instead of animations? If you’re feeling nostalgic, this is the place you can go to..

See that backdrop there? It says everything about Tramshed. They serve cow and chicken, that’s about it. But what’s amazing in how the food is being presented.

I actually feel sorry seeing it like that. Stabbed right at the ass, with its head buried in a mountain of fries. Oh the fries are good stuff, fries that you won’t get sick of, not like those thick cut ones where you feel like you’re eating mouthfuls of potatoes instead of crispy fries.
The friendly waiter would come over and offer his help to dissect this oddly, uncomfortably positioned chicken (I believe it’s a hen not a rooster) or you can choose to dissect it yourself. Of course, we leave it to the professionals.

Comes with two sauces, mustard and ketchup, and a small jar of gravy for the chicken. I’ve to say all sauces go well with the chicken, even though the mustard is a tad too buttery towards the end (or maybe it’s secretly not mustard?)

Although certain parts of the chicken was slightly dry and rough, most parts were tender enough, especially the thighs & drumsticks. The wings? A bit hard and too crunchy.

Costs £29.50 for a whole chicken and £15 for half a chicken. My friend and I ordered a whole chicken and could almost finish it. The menu suggests 2-3 pax for one chicken, though. But yeah, two of us just gobbled the whole thing up happily.

Other things served there include COW, of cos, which is more expensive.

Here’s the whole menu, prices aren’t updated though. The whole chicken is £29.50, not £27.50 anymore. And of cos the beef is more expensive, duh~

Although we were too full to try the sides or starters, I heard the pork crackling is pretty good too.

But what’s memorable about this Tramshed is its interior deco.

It has an elevated cow, dangling in the middle of the restaurant. I think it’s a real one. Slightly queasy looking at it but nevertheless leaves a lasting impact in my mind.

A very chill place I would say, with great service. And even though we had to sit at the bar cos the place was too full, the bar table was surprisingly comfortable and spacious.

Mooing and clucking away with satisfaction.


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