Wrap it up @ Goodge Street, London 

Need a quick fix for lunch? Let’s go to Mexico in London! Here’s a cheap and pretty decent wraps place. Situation at Goodge Street, the bright orange sign is hard to miss. Although it’s just a small little shop, it has a pretty wide variety of choices. It’s most popular seems to be American Smokey.

Check out the menu:

My friends chose Mexican club while I had the Piri Piri, which is a cold wrap. One thing good about the Mexican club is that it comes with rice, prolly a better option for the really hungry ones.

Prices are okay~ for London standard, really. For their generous portion of ingredients and filling, this wrap is definitely worth the price! The small is around 10cm long? Medium around 20, my best guess. Large, no idea. And it comes with a meal deal too! Better than your normal Sainsburys or M&S or Waitrose meal deals yeah.

What more you can choose your sauces as well. Spicy or not? Up to you. Basically Wrap it up! is like the subway for wraps. Just that you can’t customize as much.

Hungry for more? Add extra ingredients at an affordable price!

Now here’s how it looks like.

Mines the Piri Piri chicken, a cold wrap, as I’ve mentioned just now. Pardon me for having a few nibbles off that wrap. Yknow it’s hard to take a photo of a wrap… It’s uh well.. Wrapped up literally. The chicken portion was really really generous, though I would love more vegetables, and a stronger Piri Piri taste? Perhaps I was cross referencing to Nandos, well known for their Piri Piri chicken yeah~ so this is a tad too bland. But it does taste healthy, kinda.

Oh and you can change your wrap into a whole meal wrap for extra 30p!

If I could come up with a rap for this wrap, I would eat the wrap and rap at the same time. Wrappin’ this up with a wrap… And a rap…xoxo.


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