Hearty Breakfast@Risø,Tromsø

In the freezing cold winter, walking along the streets covered with nothing but snow…dragging your feet during Easter when there’s nothing opened.. Oh god. Cold. Hunger creeps in…then at the corner of your eye.. A halo appears, Risø.

Even though there’s nothing there on the menu written in English the really friendly staff there explained each and every item they had patiently. And ta-da, here’s what I got.

Sunny side up with bacon potatoes and some bread sticks + mocha (Risø is famous for their coffee)+ a side tinge of mustard to top it off. This is their full breakfast. Not the cheapest thing there ever, well nothing in tromsø is that cheap anyway. It’s more than $20 I recall, for the relatively small portion.

But it’s tastes awesome. The potatoes + bacon are grilled/pan fried/whatever to perfection. Bacons usually too salty for my liking but this is just nice. Crunchy potatoes go well together with mustard that somehow enhances all the flavors on the plate. Poking that runny egg yolk spreads the dish further with “sunshine”, preparing you for a lovely day out back in the cold, fortunately or not.

Taking a sip of coffee, while sitting on the bench (yeah the cafe has these high benches) I laid back against the wall, thinking about what to do next in Tromsø… But I need wifi.. No password? Where? Zzz

Then I looked up at the ceiling. Dangling somewhere at the middle of the ceiling was this wifi password! Woohoo… My journey in Tromsø continues.

Loving the friendly staff & the eggs,

A memorable morning at a not-so-cheap breakfast cafe.


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