Rudolph Gets Killed @ Norway

Rudolph the red nose reindeer…rings a bell? Well they don’t have red noses… Every family in this some parts of Norway is granted a batch of reindeers, apparently. These cute looking, tame creatures are not just iconic during Christmas but also very important for us. Tourists. You’ll get to know why soon.

They are truly shy creatures. Very camera shy actually, it’s almost impossible to capture their faces!! As in front view..  I took probably more than 30 shots before I could capture the first photo on top! they just keep moving around… But the point here is that…

THEY ARE FOOD. Staple actually for people in some parts of Norway, traditionally. A very authentic dish is this… Rudolph stew with potatoes and carrots. High in protein and various nutrients, these rudoplhs get killed when the herd reaches a certain number aka you can’t keep more than X number per family.

So, as I settled down after a long day tour, and was presented with this… I can’t help to feel a little guilty for being all excited when taking those photos of them… and end up eating them.. But nevertheless…

It’s a pretty satisfying meal. Muahaha. Evil smiles.

So how does Rudolph taste like? The best description is… Lamb, mutton or the like.    The texture is pretty rough and tough. Slightly chewy. But the stew itself is almost tasteless, no salt/ sugar/ pepper if you wish..Just a clear broth of veg+mutton taste. Very very filling, surprisingly. Low GI food? Maybe.

Because of climatic conditions it’s difficult to grow vegetables there up in the north and so even potatoes and carrots are rare! So… The easiest thing to get there is actually the reindeer meat…?! Counter-intuitive to most Asians I suppose.

And the thing is… They eat every part of it, so nothing goes to waste at all.

So next Christmas, when you see your Rudolph with a red nose, you might recall this post… And think twice.. are you sure you still want to have Rudolph as a Christmas present, or do you actually want to eat it again? I think… I’ve my answer.

Rest in peace rudoplhs, I’m gonna eat you again. For sure.


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