Cous-cous @Lygenfjord, Norway

Brrrrrrr… in the ever freezing cold on a completely frozen lake.. what could be better than a bag of warm cous-cous or some fish soup?

Ice-fishing was the highlight of the day. Just as I was imagining how I would have a big catch, then BBQ it, and binge on it.. & accompany it with a #selfie or even #OOTD… all hopes were gone when I saw this…

The tiniest fishing rod ever! A toy? ahh. Forget about the fishes. Anyhow, I heard we are supposed to put the fish back even if we catch it. Never mind the fish.. after probably 3 hours of so-called waiting for nothing, it was finally lunch time!!! woohoo…

of course we can’t expect anything like a buffet or whatever on a frozen lake? but these bags of convenience food from REAL TURMAT was da-bomb.  curry couscous! I had that and it was the most heart-warming (literally) moment in my life.

Partially because I was really really hungry + the cold + the boredom of fishing for nothing + there was really nothing better to do than to eat.. every spoonful of it was simply satisfying..

And nothing beats having a cute tour guide (see that blurred face at the background)! 🙂

Oh by the way, this is a tour! Check this out Lyngenfjord. Apart from ice-fishing, they offer plenty of other activities too, like dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowmobile etc. Don’t miss out on them if you ever go to Tromsø, or Norway.

Fishin’ is never the same with Couscous,
Moving on… to snowmobiling!



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