Taro@Piccadilly Circus 

It’s been almost a year since my last blog post! Back to London’s restaurants.

Say ‘ello to Mr Taro! Well the only takeaway from this restaurant is probably the owner, Taro, who sits at the cashier. He looks exactly like his caricature, or rather, his caricature looks like him.

Perhaps the best way to market your brand, stick your face all over your employees’ backs.

See, it’s really him! Looks like it right?

Anyhow with regards to the food. Service is quick during lunch hour. Not that pricey as well. The Bento set is around 15 pounds. Even though the unagi portion is really small, and the Japanese rice is pretty substandard (they probably used lower grades rice?) but the variety of food that is provided in Bento set is generous, for the price.

For someone like me who gets sick of things easily and pretty much afraid of commitment to the same taste over and over again (think of beef lagsana, carbonara and even foie gras), this variety is AWESOME. Sick of your unagi? Skip to the edademe, then move to the sushi and end it off with some sashimi and miso soup. Sounds like a good idea yeah?

Usually crowded during lunch, with many OLs who drop by!

And before you go, do take a look at the cashier. Mr Taro has photographs and hand drawn cards stuck near the cash till.

End off your meal by having a word with Mr Taro. He’s really friendly!!  How entrepreneurs manifest themselves into a strong brand image can be well seen here.

That’s all for today folks!

Love the variety,

Walking off full and satisfied.


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