Salt Grill and Sky Bar @ Ion (Restaurant Week)

Can we pretend that airplane In the night sky are like shooting stars?I could really use a wish right now…

Staring at the horizon, this song inevitably came into my mind. Overlooking the whole of CBD, Queenstown and Habor Front at level 55 @ Ion was a breathtaking experience. 

Salt grill and sky bar is surrounded by glass panels, just like the tallest landmarks in many countries, where you can oversee the whole city at one glance.. ( like Tokyo tower… The one at shanghai > forgot the name!!). Except, this bar is even more amazing. It has a sloping pathway that leads all the way up to the second floor of dining area. Walking along the pathway, you can get to use a touchscreen binoculars for 4 minutes to scan through the labyrinth of little streets in this small, yet exceptionally successful sunny island.

See how far Singapore has come within a short period of 50 years. Skyscrapers scatter across the island, residential areas mushrooming yearly to cater to the ever expanding population, and tourist attractions springing up almost daily. 

While absorbing myself in this ambience, a slightly queasy feeling crept over me.  It is the period of time that our late Mr Lee passed. The very success of Singapore lies in this great man’s hands. The sacrifices he made to make all of these come true. Have we ever thought about these while we party and enjoy this skyline? Or do we merely take things for granted.


Just as I was immersed in these thoughts, the first dish came. Yeah man it’s restaurant week we don’t get to choose the menu. They choose us. 

Omelette with the weirdest crab meat filling and salmon sashimi dipped in Thai sweet chilli sauce? 


It’s funny how associations can be linked to different ways of cooking an egg. Just imagine changing the omelette into a poached egg, and sprinkling the crab meat on it instead. Wouldn’t that be a better way of fine dining that having an omelette? Just like how sunny side ups can never make to the tables of fine dining restaurants, I don’t see how classy an omelette can get and it just proved me right.

Sashimi in Thai sweet chilli sauce. Feels more like Lou hei, my friend suggested. It is true, unfortunately.

We had sides too. Truffle fries never go wrong. True enough. It didn’t go wrong.


And grilled mushrooms in garlic ($15) not cheap, but it’s good. Fresh outta the farm it seems. But the presentation kinda sucks. It looks like a pile of fungi thrown all over?

While the sides neutralized the unexpectedly substandard first courses,  the mains plunged our night down like a roller coaster ride. My heart sank as I saw my tenderloin steak sandwiched between two huge trunks of grilled vege,  with an accompanying seaweed compote by the side. My supposedly medium rare steak was almost 70% cooked at least, sadly.

Our next plunge down the Viking ride came as we approached the next mains. Swimming in a pool of green peas, this cod fish was presented in a surprisingly weird fashion. I’ve never seen such presentations before on a fine dining table. Less is more. It’s true.

Even though It’s restaurant week, I don’t see how well known restaurants like these should lower their standards just because customers pay less for the meals. It reflects a lot about how professional the restaurant is, and somehow this kinda thoughtless presentation will just drive customers away, who will never ever return for a second try. Think about customer life time value, instead of short term profits.

Like I said, less is more. Situated at such an ideal spot, it’s a pity that the effort put in to restaurant week is so negligible. Trying out new recipes is fine but there’s a thin line between innovation and pallatability.

Sad to say, I’m disappointed.

Doubt I’ll be back, the only takeway is the great service.


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