Maccha House @ Orchard Central

WANTED: Dorayaki

Haven’t given a bad food review Yet. This is probably the first but hopefully the last.

This Caramel Banana Dorayaki ($7.90)is beyond words. It was tasteless, dry, powdery and it seems like you can almost tear it apart just by folding it. (X-refer to Mcdonalds pankcakes.. Doubt anything but a crease occurs when you try folding it yeah?)

For once pictures don’t speak a thousand words. Nice presentation does not mean anything.

For that price. It’s a no-no. The only take away from this is the small little cuppa tea that lies at the corner on the tray. And tbh I thought it was maple syrup!

Maccha house sells other things too like pasta, rice and ice cream. Well it started off as a dessert only place and it extended it’s product offerings to mains. I wonder why.

Don’t try the soft serve ($3.80), unless you’ve no other alternatives. I’d rather go for an Ikea soft serve.

A huge disappointment for a promising cafe. (No expectations, no disappointment.. So…)

Ended the night off badly, I need some Macs.





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