Sumiya @ Orchard Central

Tunaaaaaaaaa. Whoosh.

The 4 letter word that sums up what Sumiya is about. TUNA.

It’s Da-bomb. A sushi tower ($28) that’s glazed with fresh minced tuna and dripping with fish roe. I was never really a fan of tuna to begin with. But this changed my perception of what good tuna is.

The maki was stuffed with Tuna belly. Yumz. Tuna fans will know that some of the best parts of tuna lies in the belly.

Create your own small towers by taking a piece of a sushi, top it off with some minced tuna and scoop some roe on it. The tuna melts in your mouth like candy floss (mind you, there’s really a candy floss machine at the restaurant)

More sashimi for the night…

Just like the tuna tower, this so-called 3 kind Sashimi ($48) that ended up as a platter of 6 (scallops, salmon, tuna, prawn, swordfish, yellow tail) was fresh outta the sea>> a good complement to the fish market ambience that Sumiya tries to uphold.


Well it is a fishy day, unknowingly. Our third dish was unagi with roe don ($16.80). Even though the portion was slightly small, the unagi was well marinated and surprisingly boneless. You can’t even taste the soft bones that’s usually hidden and give you a pricky feeling when you bite on it. 10/10.

The only thing that’s more disappointing was the crazy salt grilled chicken ($6.80). Even though Sumiya claims to be a restaurant that focuses on grill, it seems like this grilled chicken is pretty meh~ But the name was pretty apt. Crazy salt… Hmm where did the salt go? It prolly really went crazy and disappeared from the dish. However, the roasted garlic was great. Those small crunchy bits on the bottom right hand corner on the picture.

Sumiya is on the top floor of Orchard Central. This means that… Yes a nice view of the rooftop garden!! With glass panels that extended from the ceiling to the floor, a good view of Orchards skyline can be seen.

Efficient service. Friendly staff.

Tune in for more Tuna, I’m loving it.


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