Kinsa Sushi @ Hillview 

Salute Wagyu!

It’s not about the money money money… Yes it’s not about the money. Sometimes we get good deals even at lower and more affordable prices. Who says you need a decent Wagyu at a few hundred bucks?

Just a few hundred miles more of traveling to save your $$$.

This Wagyu Don (approx. $25) made the superbly horribly inaccessible trip by public transport to Hillview worth the travel (though I certainly would not return any time soon, too much trouble moo.)

Take a look at this moo-moo.


The soft boiled egg with flowly egg yolk enhanced the feel~ of biting into the succulent , soft ,and slightly chewy approximately 70% cooked beef slices. Marinated with some sweet sauce that tastes like charsiew, the Wagyu almost melts immediately in your mouth as you nibble onto it. Believe it or not, it tastes better when you actually eat half a slice at a go as compared to gobbling it down all at once. I would recommend to eat the rice and beef separately to make the best outta that bowl.

What’s jap without some suSHi? Or SaSHimi. SHHH. For that price, it’s really more than just decent. Let’s just not spread this word around in case Kinsa plays around with economics theory of Ss and Dd and pushes the prices up.


Amazing fresh, texturally thick slices of swordfish (approx. $15) and Kinsa sushi roll (approx. $14) stuffed with avocado and topped generously with fresh fish roe that pops everytime you chew on  them like small little water balloons children play with. The rice in the sushi was like the one from the Wagyu don. Not sticky, every grain separates from each other. Good stuff yeah~

Service. Good. Efficient. Overall. Memorable.

Wagging my tail, loving Wagyu more. Woof!


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