Sunday Folks @ Holland Village 

A short appreciation to the awesome waffles:

I bet most of us from the early 90s remember Tuesdays at Gelaré (do they still exist?) with offers on waffles topped with ICECREAM of any flavor.

Times have changed. It’s the era of waffles. WAFFLES. Take a look around you, Creamier, Sunday Folks… Waffle shops are mushrooming, catching on the brunch fad that has slowly dwindled.

As much as Sunday Folks made my Sunday, nothing can be compared to authentic Belgium waffles! ( posts coming soon!!)

Anyhow, here’s what they serve. Ice-cream flavours>> there’s the normal strawberry / vanilla flavours and more local tastes like sea salt gula melaka.

For waffles, I would go for classics. Vanilla never goes wrong. Except, when it’s soft serve. (Creamier serves it in the normal ice-cream that’s not soft serve)

TADA. The leaning tower of VANILLA! That’s the issue with soft serve. It topples when you wanna take a better photo of it.

The waffles was crispy, fluffy, light. Showered with small bits and pieces of sugar frosting on top, the sweetness is just right. Unlike many other waffles that are drowned and masked by sauces, Sunday Folks moderates the amount of maple they provide, allowing you have a better taste of what the waffles truly taste like.

The soft serve? Goes well with the slightly dry waffle as it adds both flavor and moisture to every bite. Would not say the vanilla taste was very strong, but just good enough.

That’s all folks! Sunday folks is a must-try.

And no worries about the queues, even though it would and most probably be long, it’s electronic. Tictok tells you all.

Waffling on the waffles, Will be back!




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