Brotzeit @ Westgate

Heya Pork knuckle!!

Beer, Sausages, Sauerkraut and Pork Knuckles (you guys) pretty much summarize what Brotzeit is about.

At $32++ we can get a whole pork knuckle with sauerkraut and some potatoes as sides. Although comparatively, Marché serves better pork knuckles ($46++ for a whole knuckle). For better savings, Brotzeit is fine. Marché’s knuckles are more flavorful. The meat is softer, more moist and better marinated. As for Brotzeit’s, spreading the brown sauce provided and some mustard help to enhance the original pork taste.
For the skin, marche’s crispier, brotzeit’s slightly harder to chew.


For sausages, my favorite is the cheese and pork sausage~ I’ve tried the combination platter ($98++) that comes with the pork knuckle & all kinds of sausages- pork, chicken… Etc.
But the cheese and pork is still th w best.

Oozing cheese fills your mouth as you bite onto it.


What surprised us most was the vegetarian pizza (approx. $18). Who would have expected zucchini to go well with pizza? Here you go. Refreshing and a good palate cleanser to the overwhelmingly carnivorousy meal.


To top it off. BEER is a must. Loads of variations. Try to go for the happy hour (5-7pm). Otherwise, one pint is $16 and half a pint is $9.50 thereabouts. Something light would be the Originals or the Weissbier.

Herzlichen Dank Brotzeit!

Snorts and trots away,


Website: Brotzeit

For the Menu

For Locations 


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