Eat Tokyo @ Holborn

Dear Bento Boxes,

Its amazing how affordable some really decent Japanese restaurants can be in London, the place most famous for its high standard/ cost of living.

For less than £10 we can get a bento box, filled with happiness. My friend ordered the katsu bento box while I got the sashimi bento box that was slightly pricier, but still less than £20.  Look at the huge portion!

2014-11-05 18.43.09






















Comes with a side salad too. Both the fried pork and the tofu were evenly battered. One of my Japanese friends once told me that the hardest things to make for Agedashi Tofu is the sauce. And this sauce was pretty well done. Not too salty, not too sticky.

2014-11-05 18.43.53












Sashimi was fresh enough, for the price, we should not even expect anything more than that. There was tuna, salmon and swordfish sliced in sufficiently thick pieces that made every mouthful satisfying.

2014-11-05 18.42.43













Pretty famous at Eat Tokyo is also their sushi rolls. This came with salmon and roe on top, stuffed with some avocado and overlaid with generous serving of mayo and soy sauce. For less £16.00, this can totally start your meal off with this, while waiting for the bento sets, which unfortunately take some time to arrive.

Eat Tokyo does not only have awesome bento sets, check out the other dishes in this post : Eat Tokyo Part 2!


TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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