Assa @ Tottenham Court Road

Ah neong ha se yo!

Assa is probably one of the first few Korean restaurants I tried in London.
Hidden at a corner near tottenham court road, Assa is not THAT visible. Pretty small a shop, but it is a gem.

Not pricey, unlike Gogi (See Post:___). Assa is authentic. I have been to Korea a couple of times and Assa is indeed very Korean-ish. Thumbs up!

What was particularly nice about this place is how cosy it is. It is precisely how squeezy it is that makes it feel like home.
2014-11-05 14.02.21












We ordered a Kimchi soup based steamboat-like thingy that had loads of beef, radish, tofu and spices. Although slightly spicy, it was SUPER flavorful. Portion was just nice for 2-3 to share. Mix it well as the soup boils and TA-DA >> Legit Korean food in London.

2014-11-05 14.02.39-1














What’s Korean food without some pancakes. Here is the seafood pancakes that was pan-fried to perfection. For pancakes to taste good, the filling must be generous. And you got it. Prawns splattered across every part of the pancake evenly. It tasted exactly like the one I had in Korea.

Guess how much we paid for the whole meal? Around £36 for two pax! It was super worth it.

Love this place. Please try it.

Saranheyo Assa,
Will be back.

Website: Guess what. They have no website.

53 St. Giles High Street, WC2H 8LH,

+44 20 7240 8256


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