Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Dearest Parma Ham Ice-Cream,

[Continue reading…. to learn more about the amazing PARMA-HAM ICE CREAM.]

A Very Happy Chinese New Year to the Da Paolo Bistro Bar Group!

It’s amazing that you’re one of those restaurants that remain open even during the festive season of CNY!
While most restaurants at Rochester Park are closed, Da Paolo remains bustling with families and couples.

Greeted by friendly staff (more about them in a bit), we had an alfresco dining experience.

Starters: Bruschetta (Approx $24)


Pardon me for the bad lighting, once again. Bruschetta had a good spread of tomatoes and basil on a thick toasted slice of baguette. For the centre piece, it was seafood spread on top of the toasted crispy baguette. A great way to start the night off with something light.


Calamari ($16) was our second starters. A dash of squid ink mayo and some fried squid, more flavorful than the Bruschetta, prepared our palates to welcome the mains. A crunchy lightly salted batter on the outside, and a soft and chewy fresh squid is the best description I can give to the Calamari.  Squeeze the lemon to bring out more aroma in this dish.


Here comes our mains #1. Italian sausage, chorizo, mozzarella cheese on black dough ($28). Black dough is made of squid ink. Even though there was hardly any squid taste in it, the color gave the pizza an aesthetic appeal. Pizzas can be really boring sometimes, hence a different colored one seems like a good change.

Italian sausages and chorizo seemed like a really salty combination but this was alright. I expected it to be way saltier.


Mains #2: Mushroom Risotto. My all time favorite. But this was slightly too cheesy, literally. Probably good for valentines day (CHeesssyyyy) but not so much for Chinese New Year aye? Anyhow, the mushroom was fresh, which helped a little.
The portion however, could be slightly bigger.

The texture was good though. Sticky to the right degree of stickiness, for a lack of a better adjective, and the risotto was not to soft. I’ll give it a 6/10.

To end the night off, we did order what you do best. Desserts.
I know for sure that you’re pretty famous for your desserts, especially the Tiramisu (Approx $24).


An aromatic coffee scent filled the air around our table as your friendly staff came over with one of your best sellers, the Tiramisu. Every bite of it had a consistent taste of coffee liquor, mascarpone cheese and lady fingers dipped in more coffee liquor. Soft and light. YUM.


Another best seller is the Valhorna 70% dark chocolate lava cake (Approx. $18). Well I have to say that for that night, the lava cake was a tad overcooked. The lava did not flow as it should have. Sadly. But that did give the outer crust a slightly more crunchy feel. Not that bad after all. And who could resist dark chocolate?

Lava cakes that are too sweet turns you off after you finish 1/2 of it. So a dark chocolate one helps you to finish the other 1/2 of it. PURFECT.

OH AND GUESS WHAT. THERE WAS PARMA HAM ICECREAM that came with the lava cake. DA-BOMB. Somewhat like salted caramel ice-cream (its saltyyyyy). Who has ever tried Parma Ham ice-cream TOGETHER with LAVA CAKE. Seriously. Try it.

Lastly, about the friendly staff. Try asking any staff to help you to take a photograph around the restaurant, and experience it yourself. I’ve been to this branch a few times, and they never fail to surprise me.

Chinese New Year has never been better,
Loving it.

Starts from $18

For the Website

How about some social media platforms? DaPaolo Bistro Bar Facebook


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