Wasabi @ Everywhere around London

Dear Mr. Wasabi,

You’re probably one of the cheapest and most convenient Japanese dining places in London. Anywhere we go, somewhere around the corner lies a Wasabi. No joke. Your presence in London is pervasive.

Pop in and be welcomed by a range of Japanese food. Hot, cold, warm, soupy, dry, raw. Sushi, bento, handrail, sashimi….Everything and whatever we can think of would most probably be there.

Get served by your team of quick and efficient staff.. Most of the time, there’s a separate queue between hot (bento, noodles) and cold (from the fridge: sushi, hand roll, etc), which makes life much easier. C’mon its a fast food chain yeah~

2014-11-03 14.24.18

Choose from a range of over 10 kinds of hot food… There’s curry chicken, curry chicken katsu, teriyaki, sweet and sour pork… etc etc.. It comes in a paper cylindrical box…
2014-11-03 14.24.34

Here’s the teriyaki chicken rice ( around £5) . The rice portion is huge, and the teriyaki sauce is rich, thick, slightly on the very salty side. But the curry chicken and curry katsu is really good. Japanese curry isn’t that spicy, so it’s good for those who do not have that kinda Asian palate that can take really spicy stuffs.

2014-11-03 14.25.01

Thats the salmon hand roll (£1.99). Surprisingly decent. Pretty much like the Hare & Tortoise standard, which sells hand rolls at at least £3.99!

One interesting thing about Wasabi is their King’s Cross branch. The bento sets are different. They come in rectangular boxes with a small side of preserved vegetables (radish, i THINK), instead of the normal round cylindrical boxes but at the same price.

Lastly, to give you another vote of confidence, even my Japanese friends say that they will always patronize Wasabi over and over again.

Don’t forget to eat the bentos when they are piping hot.

I’ll always be back,
Saving money and enjoying Jap food.


Starting from £1.99
(It’s really affordable. Hence, there is not much to say about the prices.
If you can afford a laptop/ mobile device to view this post in the first place,
you can surely buy something from Wasabi.)

Wasabi UK

For the Menu


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