Nizuni @ Charlotte Street

To my latest fetish, Miss Katsudon:

Along the quiet streets near Goodge street station, a small little Japanese restaurant sits silently waiting for it’s preys (customers like us!).

A 20% discount off ala carte items and a lunch menu starting from 7.9 pounds caught our attention quickly. Nizuni had pounced on us successfully.

Dim lights, wooden furnishing and black cushioned chairs laid around the restaurant like small little chess pieces on a wooden chessboard, extending their invitation for a game or two.

Then came a waiter with a bright smile who asked for our orders politely. (Very-Japanese-service!)

Guess what I ordered.



This has been one of the best katsudons (10.2 pounds) I’ve had in London so far. Presented in a wooden bucket, it looks like a miniature hot spring with a small little piglet awaiting to be devoured (pardon me for my sadistic references).

The meat is juicy, tender, not too oily or salty. The sauce was so generous, it lasted till the very last spoonful of rice there was in the bucket. There was pickles as well by the side, which would help to cleanse your palate as your taste buds get tired of the meaty taste.

I’m gonna give Miss Katsudon a 10/10.
It’s service a 10/10 and the ambience a 10/10. For the price you pay, this IS the place to visit.

Will be back for more Nizuni!

Deeply in love.


Appetizers: £3.50-£8.50
Donburi: £10.50-£15.00
Noodles: £7.50-£9.50
Desserts: £3.20-£5.00


22 Charlotte Street London W1T 2NB



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