The Ramen Battle

The war among the most popular and most talked about ramen restaurants in London has finally ended. Here is what one of the war correspondents has to say after surviving the soupy mess (for once its not a bloody war).  Credits to Zhaofeng Quek.

“After my pilgrimage to Kanada-ya, I have finally completed my holy penta patronisation of the best ramen in central London.


Kanada-ya: IMO the ramen here is like an all-star team. Though each individual component is outstandingly delicious, as a whole they blend together only marginally. The ingredients deliver incredible individual performances but the unifying factor feels missing. Lovely presentation and light broth means no guilt while eating whatsoever.

Bone Daddies: With the thickest, tastiest and creamiest soup base, my glass of tap water was almost perpetually empty. Eating felt like working through a can of coke. Astonishingly satisfying mash-on-the-throttle flavour at the start, but halfway through the guilt gets to you. Needs a half-a-bowl option.

Tonkotsu: Probably made by a tightrope walker, the balance between the broth and the sides (also very generous) was incredible. Such a sustained and complete perfomance meant no trudging through the second half of the meal here. The noodles however, felt like they were made during the slippery part of the tightrope. Could use more tensile strength.

Shoyru: Ramen here feels like the youngling that has trained under the master, and is compelled to find his signature move. Sadly though, the youngling seems to have graduated too early and too ambitious for its own good. Pickled ginger in tonkotsu broth? Weird.

Ippudo: This is the youngling still training under the master, but while Shoyru has become too ambitious and gone to the dark side Ippudo seems to be still learning to levitate to the other’s level. It does have exceptional prowess in force choke however, as every time I go there I find my wallet choked on the way out. Balanced but simmering with potential.

5. Ippudo
4. Shoyru
3. Tonkotsu
2. Bone Daddies (full bowl)
1. Kanada-ya
(1*) Bone Daddies (if they ever made half a bowl)”

If only there is ever gonna be half a bowl of ramen.


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