Ippudo Ramen @ Central Saint Giles Piazza

And so we meet again, Mr Ramen. This time round at Ippudo! Have had several encounters with the Ramen family already…. from Mr Tonkotsu, to Mrs Shoryu, now its Mr. Ippudo.

Compared to the other friends in Singapore, Mr. Ippudo’s restaurant in London is HUGE-ASS. The ambience is great. High-ceiling, dim lighting, contemporary look/feel, comfy chairs and ….
2014-11-04 13.49.34

2014-11-04 13.48.53

more strikingly.. VERY VERY FRIENDLY STAFF.  Mr Ippudo’s team of staff was perpetually “shouting” at us the whole time, blabbering tones of japanese phrases to welcome the customers, thank them when they are leaving and all.. very japanese indeed (:

Ambience aside, Mr. Ramen was pretty disappointing though, sorry dude. I expected more.
But I have my reasons. There were only 4 types of Ramens for us to choose from, 2 vegetarian, and 2 meat-ish.

Well, I AM comparing to what I get in Singapore, those pages of varieties. Probably cos Mr. Ippudo is still new to London,it takes time to get treasures out of the bag.

Anyhow, thats what we ordered.

2014-11-04 13.56.28


Akamaru Modern (above), at £11. Compared to the Classic Ramen, this has a bolder, richer and more flavorful broth.  Topped with Mr. Ippudo’s secret Umami Dama Paste (the orange, chilli-paste-looking thing right smacked in the middle of the bowl), the Ramen has an even stronger salty-taste.  Then there’s pork belly charshu, sesame kikurage mushroom, bean sprouts, spring onion and garlic oil. AROMATIC! (:

The noodles are handmade, thin but a tad too soft for my liking. My friend ordered an extra serving of noodles at £1.50, and that had a tougher texture.

Compared to Singapore’s Ippudo, the ramen is really much thinner, and much softer. But fair enough. The broth is better in London.

2014-11-04 13.52.57

What’s Ramen without RICE. The set lunch came with various choices of rice: Chashu, Eel, Curry. I had the Eel. Set lunch costs £13.50. But Mr. Ippudo wasn’t very generous with his rice servings. The portion is TINY, PUNY, almost INVISIBLE. but the taste was good.  I would call this bite-sized rice bowl. It’s almost like a starter to an appetizer.

Lastly, one thing good about Mr. Ippudo is its service. We could split our bills (: Very very good service indeed.
Oishi, Mr. Ippudo!

With love from,
Well, I still prefer Shoryu. Sorry.

Sides: £3.80-£7.00
Ramen: £10.00-£12.00
Desserts: Approx. £6++
Ramen Toppings: £1.50-£2.50

For the Menu:


Compare With:
Tonkotsu Bar & Ramen


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