Lunch Buffet @ The Brasserie, Hilton Paddington

Dear Hilton,

I had a lunch buffet at your place today at The Braisserie…

2014-10-29 12.28.45

The ambience was pretty chill-lax with dim lights, wooden tables and chairs. And with your great team of service staffs, we were quickly seated. There were 2 different kinds of buffet served that day, the Indian buffet (£12.99++; discounted) and the Western one (£25.00++).

For the Western, there was the usual salad bar, desserts and mains.

2014-10-29 12.25.03

Four different kinds of mains were served that day. Taking a closer look at it….

2014-10-29 12.52.10

Ta-da! There was salmon in creamy cheesy sauce, pasta in pesto sauce, a tray of boiled vegetables and
some stewed beef (Left to right).

2014-10-29 12.54.30

Evidently, salmon was the best catch among the 4 and I stuffed myself with it.
The texture was pretty alright, not so much of a soft, tender, juicy kinda salmon that I tried from Bistro Soori (View post at _______________________ ; mind you thats the best salmon I’ve tried ever)…but more on the tougher and chewy side, pretty decent still for a £25++ buffet. The beef stew was sadly meh~ and so was the pasta. You can’t exactly go wrong with pesto sauce, but the penne was more towards the harder/ tougher sort. If you like the really soft and mushy pasta, then this is not for you.

Desserts… nothing memorable.
2014-10-29 12.26.59

Loads of tarts to choose from!

All in all, it was a pleasurable experience with meh~ quality of food… but great service staff.
For the price, and the hotel, its definitely worth the visit.

May be back, if there’s a discount?

Missing the good service,
Stomach’s really full, but not THAT satisfied.


Hilton@ Paddington


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