Pho Cafe @ Spitalfields

Mrs. Beautiful Ambience,

You’re the most memorable thing at Pho Cafe. I don’t blame London for not being able to cook the best Asian cuisines, but this is a tad too off-tangent.


Pardon me for the dark pictures, but this is a true reflection of Mrs. Beautiful Ambience.I loved the ratten ball lights that created the dark, loomy feel. Few vietnamese restaurants that I have patronized before give such a feel ~~~ Usually those that I go to are brightly lit with a slightly more cheerfull ambience.

FYI, ratten balls are very Asian. Check these out. Ratten balls for Sepak Takraw, sport originated from Southeast Asia (huge debate on which country it exactly came from)

Sepak takraw  rattan balls

Okay, enough of these rattan balls. FOOD matters.

pho 1

The sides were actually okay. Tender Fried Baby Squids (£6.50) with salt, pepper and lime dip (at the corner above) was fresh and chewy. The batter was light, but slightly to the tasteless side, so the lime dip and salt+pepper is essential.

Crispy spring rolls (£4.95 for pork; £4.75 for veg) came with lettuce to wrap. We ordered the pork one. Indeed, it was crispy, not too oily and more importantly WARM. You’ve no idea how bad it is when some  restaurants serve by-right-warm-but-its-cold fried stuff. Mind you, its nasty.

But, we did not really get to taste the pork? No idea if there was even pork inside, but it still tasted good.

pho 3


Mains, on the other hand was more of a juxtaposition to Mrs. Beautiful Ambience. It was almost a nightmare. Chicken and Prawn Wok Friend Noodles (£8.75) was surprisingly bland. It did not taste like its fried cos of the stiff texture of the noodles. Prawns+ Chicken. Nah. Oh the best part is the sauce maybe. Salvaged the blandness a little.

pho 2

Broken Rice with Vietnamese curry + Chicken + Vege + Mushrooms topped with nuts (£9.25) drove us nuts in the wrong sense too. Though better than the noodles, it was not fantastic. The curry was not spicy (the waiter said that it used to be really really spicy) so I guess its a good thing for people with low tolerance of spice.

All in all, this experience was a Beautiful Nightmare (beautiful ambience, nightmare mains)

May not be back.

Growling Hungry Stomach.

Starters: £3.95-£7.25
Mains:£7++ – £10.50
Desserts: £3.50-6.50

For the Menu: 

For the Website:

Oxford Circus
St. Pauls



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