Shoryu @ Soho

Greetings to the Oishi-Bakauma-Bariuma-RAMENN!

After almost a ONE HOUR queue on a Saturday night, I was finally getting closer to Mr. Ramen.

With INTENSE HUNGER on a COLD and RAINY NIGHT, my friend and I plonked ourselves down at the seats. TIRED.

Even though Mr. Ramen was on the top of my priority list, sorry dude, alcohol first.

photo 2

There ‘s a huge alcoholic selection at Shoryu. From Aperitif to Cocktails to Japanese mojitos to Umeshu and blah blah.

Of course, Plum Wine was our choice. C’mon, its Japanese cuisine. What goes better with Jap food that Umeshu! Sake’s a little too strong for us, so we ordered Kobai Plum.

The enticing aroma of ripe plums was accompanied by a sweet, smooth, light finish. Perfect way to start off a cold, rainy night.

photo 7

Understandably, we always need to wait for the best things. So while Mr. Ramen took his own sweet time to appear, we had to find another solution to our intense hunger.

One HIGHLY recommended, but SLIGHTLY disappointing dish was the one above.
The Shoryu Buns. (Mind you, the ones at Flesh & Buns are so much better)

We had BBQ Char Siew Pork Belly Shoryu Bun and the Ginger Salmon Tasutaage Shoryu Bun.
Ordered two because 1 piece costs £4.50, 2 for £7.50. WHO WOULDNT GET TWO?

photo 4

Finally, PATIENCE IS REWARDED. Mr. Ramen’s arrival. Since it was the first time I was in Shoryu, I took the safer choice. Shoryu’s signature ramen with a tonkotsu broth added with fried shallots (£11.00).

As I am pretty health-conscious, I would always give the soup in the ramen a miss. Too oily, too much salt, too much calories.


Mr. Ramen’s accompanying soup was like his favourite concubine. It blended perfectly with the noodles and the slices of pork. The broth was not too salty as well, but it was thick and flavorful. The tonkotsu taste was really rich.
So, I just went against my principles and finished the soup.

FYI, all tonkotsu ramen, like the one I ordered, comes in a rich tonkotsu pork broth with bbq pork (excluding Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu), nitamago egg, spring onion, sesame, ginger, nori & mayu (caramelised black garlic oil) unless stated.

photo 5
And one thing amazing about Mr. Ramen is that he’s flexible. If I did not want the original hosomen, i can change and choose my noodles. I can also choose the hardness. I like it hard. (Hmm, are you thinking what I am thinking?)

Thank you Mr. Ramen for the wonderful night. Your’e indeed charismatic.

ITADAKIMASU everyone. Slurp right away!

Yours faithfully,
Ms. Slurrrpily Happy.

Sides: From £3.90-£9.00
Sashimi: Approx.£12.00
Ramen: £9.00-£12.50
Drinks: From £3.90

For the Menu:

Regent Street
Shoryu Go

Compare with:
Tonkotsu Bar & Ramen
Flesh & Buns


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