The Chocolate Show @ Olympia West (Kensington)

Dear Chocolates Around the World,

How often do we get to taste and see soooo many kinds of chocolates all at once? There’s no better place to be than to be at The Chocolate Show in London!

The entrance fee is £10 for students (hooray) and more for the rest of the population.

However, read this, and save £10. Good deal yeah?

You guys are just amazing. The variations that can be created from y’all are without limits. Who has ever heard of lemongrass + chocolates? Or bought a bar of 100% dark chocolate? How about chewing on a…….IMG_5667
Willy??? A black one? Or would you prefer….


A white one? Or both? Its just £20 anyway.


Or bring yourself back to the fairytale days… Cinderella and the chocolate heels sounds pretty cool too yeah?


But that’s not all. A chocolate catwalk brings the exhibition to the next level.

Welcome to the…


Who says you guys must be sweet or bitter? You can be glamorous too!

And this is very well proven by Lindt (first mannequin)…I would love to wear one if it doesn’t melt (:


For non-fashionistas or artifact geeks, there are chocolate-made books, displays, sculptures too!


I particularly like some of the booth layouts there too! Check this one out. It’s a bookshelf-like wall, giving the store an old-school look.. just like the British Library.

And when I say limitless variations, I really mean it.

For guys who do not fancy willies or heels, why not try the more boring-looking stuffs? Sorry chocolates, some of you do have a 5/10 look, but your taste is definitely worth a 10/10. There were more than 40 brands there.. (Hans Sloane, Forever Cacao, Ingemann, Hotel Chocolat blah blah blah)



Of course of course, there are talks as well. The history of chocolates, The $100 chocolate bar, Chocolate Curiosities. Blah. We name it, they have it.


Well if you chocolates think that you rule the world, you’re wrong.

Cuz there are other stuffs worth appreciating too. WINE.

Not the normal wine from vines, but….
Strawberry Tarte Wine and Lemon Wine. These 2 flavors were sold at the exhibit, by this French Brand called Cosy Time. A bottle costs £12, two bottles cost £20. GOOD DEAL.


And for ladies especially, macarons are aplenty there too. Bright colored, dull shades, pastel, shiny, matte, black, white blah. All the variations you can think of.


And finally, whats chocolate without Charlie? Charlie and the chocolate factory musical has a booth there too!

Thank you London for this great show.
And maybe, we shall all start to worry about cacao beans running out by 2020 now.

Love you guys,
The Sweet Tooth


Entry Prices:
Adults: £15
Child (4-12 years): £8
Students: £10
Family (2 Adults+2 Children): £40

Chocolates: Starting from £1.50 for a piece of truffle/ macaroon!



One thought on “The Chocolate Show @ Olympia West (Kensington)

  1. Love this. I actually worked on the “Salon du Chocolat” in Paris once (French version of the same thing). I did get to take quite a hefty bag of loot home at the end, for free. One girl even came on the last day of work with a suitcase. A suitcase, I tell you! Hilarious. This sounds like fun, maybe I’ll make a point to go next year!

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