Au Petit Sud Ouest

Bonjour Mrs Foie Gras,

Being fat has negative connotations, but not all the time. Tonight, we celebrate FAT. Congratulations Mrs Foie Gras, I shall present to you the winner of this FAT championships.  You’re honestly the fattest and biggest foie gras I have eaten.

Au Petit Sud Ouest2

Just look at yourself. A 42”-52”- 40” measurement. Perfect. Who says you need to be 36″-27″-37″ to be the hot. Times have changed people. Move on. Fat is the new hot. You’re so sexy, creamy, succulent, and rich. Your taste is overpowering. Miam Miam!

Au Petit Sud Ouest4

While waiting for your arrival, we were served bread. As usual, all French / Italian etc restaurants serve bread for diners to “kill time”. Good food takes a long time to prepare, so bread is a good filler  I suppose.

AND.. Oh là là, its the first time I see a restaurant provide a TOASTER to go with your bread! Amazing isn’t it? Toast your bread and…yeah, kill more time.

Au Petit Sud Ouest

The second runner up of this competition has to go to the Duck Breast, with Sautéed Mushrooms as the sides. With slightly less contour (probably 40”-40”- 40”), this breast was not fully cooked, hence you can still taste a bit of rawness in it. But that’s how the juiciness and softness is maintained.

Au Petit Sud Ouest3

It was truly an amazing meal, thanks to these Mademoiselles. OH here’s the logo.

Diners, if you can’t find the place, SPOT THE LOGO. AND R-E-S-E-R-V-E your tables. You have to.

Im in love with Fat.


This is irrelevant. You have to try it, regardless of the prices.

For the Specialties:

For Reservations:

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12.00-14.00



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