Tante Louise @ Paris Rive Droite- 8 Ème

Chère Tante Louise,

Merci beaucoup! Thanks for saving our lives that night when we were all hungry, looking for a place for dinner and every where else was closed. We chanced upon you randomly, and just dropped by.

Interestingly, the variation of food offered was unique. For starters, we had this: tante louise 8

To the readers, make a guess! Well it looks like a fried fish ball or something. BUT…

tante louise 1 Its a hard boiled egg, with some mushrooms in egg white sauce. It reminded me of Malay Cuisines where eggs are sometimes fried in this way too.  It tasted like… crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The texture was somewhat like fried ice cream, except its warm inside.

Tante Louise 2 Then there was filled pasta. Even though its a main, there were only 2 long pastas, filled with beef inside. It looked small, but it was filling. One thing about filled pastas is that you REALLY can’t eat too much at a go. So, this was just nice. Tante Louise 3 And what’s dinner without “proper” meat right? Hence…

Tante Louise 4 Beef! This was made to medium rare. Slightly bloody, but tender and soft enough. To top it off, there was wine sauce and some mushrooms and shallots. Wouldn’t say it tasted fantastic, but it was good enough, especially the texture.

tante louise

The night ended off with a blast, as usual. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE. Well, this usually does not go wrong in any decent restaurants. So there weren’t any surprises. Just decent.

tante louise 6 Service was great too, after the 3-course meal, there was still free stuffs. Madeleines, some biscuits and sweets. On the more serious note, we were really VERY FULL after all these stuff. BUT, great hospitality there, Tante Louise.

All in all, a 5/5 experience there with you, Madame Tante Louise! Yours truly, I will return



For the Menu:

To Reserve:

Opening Hours:
Weekly closing : Saturdays and Sundays.
Burgundy fortnight with Burgundy specialities and wines.

Lunch: 12.oo- 14.00
Dinner: 19.00-22.00


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