A confession to Little Ratatouille,

Honestly, the main reason why I ordered you was because of your fellow acquaintance from Disney. This guy:

I loved the show, hence when I saw your name on the menu, I did not think twice but just ordered you! BUT, it was the right choice. Just like the Ratatouille in the Disney film, you were the savior for my meal at Nandos!

Here you are, in that small little petri dish looking thingy in the photo above. Inside you, there was Zucchini, Green and Red Pepper, some Basil Leaves, and garlic all chopped up and mixed with some rich tomato sauce with a tinge of spiciness in it! You went well with the Garlic Bread, which was crunchy and not-too-garlicy-so-my-breath-didn’t-stink.

And of course, at Nandos, what else to order but chicken? So I had a 1/4 Peri Peri Chicken in Lemon Herb, the second lowest in terms of spiciness. As the chicken was pretty dry, you saved the day, Little Ratatouille. The chicken + you = just nice.

In my opinion, you were some sort of a mediator in this meal? Without you, the garlic bread and the chicken would be too dry, but if I were only to order you, it would be too boring (sorry you’re just a bunch of chopped veg). So… all three together makes a happy meal!

PLUS.. the drink. RUBRO, a mixed berry juice. ITS NEW. ITS AMAZING. LOVE IT. Not too sweet, non-carbonated, a good palate cleanser to the many many sauces provided at Nandos.
Do check out their FB page:

Thank you Little Ratatouille, my saviour!

A shy girl who just confessed

Mains: From £4.25-£12.50
Desserts: From £2.95-£4.15
Drinks: From £2.55

For the Menu:

To Find a Nando’s:


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