Nam-po @ Paddington Station

Dear Pork Bao,

I was at Paddington Train Station when you, the Pork Bao, caught my eye. Sitting there quietly inside the steamer, screaming silently for attention. (well it was more like, I was really hungry and I happened to see you).

Nam-po Asian Food positions itself to be an alternative to sandwiches, wraps and other snacks Brits usually eat. Since I had a craving for Asian Food, I decided to give you a try. They just opened a new store at Euston!


Here is your selfie!

You might be wondering why choose you, instead of your counterparts like chicken and charsiew even though all of you are priced the same(Approx. £2 each).

Cos, from experience, pork baos are the tastiest. I had high hopes on you but… very unfortunately, my hopes turned into disappointment.

For some reason, your filling was red instead of the normal brownish color. Perhaps the guy gave me the wrong one since Char Siew is supposed to be the red instead. Well…Unless pork buns here are supposed to be red too? No idea.

But for a very hungry person, the pau tastes good.

Anyway, Nam-po @ Paddington serves a pretty okay range of rice, noodles, paus (chinese steamed buns with different fillings), sushis, soup and etc just for take-aways!

If rice or noodles are ordered, they are served  in a small, compact box that looks like this!


Its pretty handy to carry, and the best part is, they quality of the box is good. The sauce doesn’t leak from the box.

And here is a very unappetizing photo of what is in my box. I had sweet and sour chicken with rice (Approx.£6). The rice serving was huge. It filled up almost half the box but the sweet and sour chicken was a bit too sour for my liking. Also, the sauce was a tad too thick and gooey to go well with the rice.

But like I said, everything is okay when you’re hungry.

Do give it a try, when there’s a need to eat on the move.

Till then, bye Pork Bao.

With love,
The Rushing Commuter


Starts from Approx. £2.00-£6.95+


Paddington and Euston Station


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