Flesh & Buns @ Covent Garden

My Lovely Flesh and Buns,

Even though your name, Flesh and Buns, is not the most appetizing name ever, it does make things very clear. You’re made of Flesh and Buns. Simple as that.

If you hadn’t known about your origins, let me share with you. You’re basically Kong Bak Pau, i.e. bread + some filling inside, i.e. a mutant of the English hamburger, which makes you a Chinese hamburger, in a way.

Your beautiful ancestors look like THIS:
Of course, you guys look slightly better than these ancestors originated from China (made of pork belly), with more variations and all.

Anyway, your bosses have been very focused on promoting you guys. So the restaurant is named after you guys! How cool is it to work in a restaurant that is named after you, yeah?

Certainly, good ambience + good food (you guys) is better than good food + bad ambience.


There are different kinds of seats… for big groups, they can sofa seats where they get a whole cosy corner to themselves.


Or the bar seats. There is this long bar table in the middle of the restaurant, where diners can get an elevated view of the restaurant, though there is honestly nothing fancy around there.


As mentioned, being more interesting descendants, you guys became….

~Crispy Piglet Belly with mustard miso and pickled apple (picture above) at £14.50,
~Crispy Duck Leg with sour plum soy and beetroot pickle (£13.50) and
~Salmon Teriyaki with lemon, sea salt and pickled cucumber (£14.50).

Each “Flesh” came with 2 buns, served in a brown bamboo steamer basket. The most delicious on in my opinion was the duck leg. For me it was special because of the sauce that came with it. The sauce complemented the duck really well and gave it a pretty authentic roasted duck taste.

However, unlike your ancestors which are really filing, you guys being slimmer and contain less fat, have failed to fill our stomachs.

Hence, we resorted to ordering your other friends…Soft Shell Crab (£9.50) and Fried Squid (£8.30).Nothing fantastic about both, apart from the really small portion they serve, especially the soft shell crab.

Oh, and there are discounts before 6pm and after 10pm, during the off-peak periods.
Check them out.

Not gonna post any photos about it but its worth a visit.

Hope to see you again Flesh & Buns!

Your friend,
A Me who is satisfied, but still considering whether to return


Small Dishes: From £4.50-£9.50
Flesh & Buns: From £9.50-£19.50
Desserts: From £4.00-£6.00


Make a Booking:


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