Rasa Sayang @ Chinatown

Dearest Mr. Busy Waiter,

It felt like you were trying really hard to be efficient with your service. You were perpetually RUNNING to and fro the kitchen trying to serve customers at top speed. However, this inevitably added some stress on some diners like me. I felt like I was dining under huge stress. CHILL MAN. I can wait. I have time. (:

BUT lucky for you, the restaurant that you worked for upheld its name with pretty authentic Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines.


In the heart of Chinatown, there’s a mini Singapore/ Malaysia!

So, Mr Busy Waiter, you “ran” to grab the menus for us and “ran” to serve other customers…  and after 3 minutes, you were back at our table, asking us for our orders. Mine you, Rasa Sayang does have an extensive menu of food to choose from. THREE MINS isn’t enough!

But anyhow, we had a craving for Hor Fun for some reason. And Ta-da! Just as how quickly Mr Busy Waiter moved around, the plates of Hor Fun appeared magically within seconds (I’m obviously exaggerating)!


It looks like any other Hor Fun you can find in hawker centers and food courts in Singapore, which is good news, cos its authentic. However, the prices are not very pocket-friendly.

In Singapore, we can get a decent Hor Fun for £2 at a food court. This cost £7.50, almost four times the price in Singapore!

The taste of it was mediocre as well. But it is good enough for anyone with cravings for Singaporean/ Malaysian food in a foreign land.


One of us ordered a bowl of fishball/ seafood soup noodles. Just like the Hor Fun, nothing fantastic about it.

Drinks there are not that value-for-money, so… expect yourself to pay up to £3 pounds for something that might not taste very memorable.

And… just some advice
do your calculations carefully before you order. Their set meals might end up more expensive than the ala carte dishes ordered separately.

But anyways, thank you Mr Busy Waiter for your efficient service and dedication to your job!

Yours truly,
A stressed-up diner.


Sides starting from £3.50 approx.
Mains starting from £7.20 approx.

For the Menu:



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