Prezzo @ Kings Cross

A letter to Mrs King Prawn Risotto,

I loved the dining experience with you, Mrs Risotto. You made my meal complete at Prezzo!

With over 150 branches opened in UK, it is not surprising that it was not the first time I dined at this Italian restaurant.

Compared to my previous experiences, this one with you was better.

Since Prezzo is a pocket-friendly and affordable casual dining place, my friends and I ordered your other colleagues too.

angmo wanton

One of your colleagues that joined our night was the Wild Mushroom Girasole (£10.75), a filled pasta dish, suitable for vegetarians. It is made of buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket. It tasted slightly bitter, according to my friend.

Here’s you! Mrs King Prawn Risotto, I was glad you were affordable (£11.95), cos I loveeee risottos! Apart from the 5/6 full prawns lying on you randomly, mashed up oak-roasted salmon fillet was well-mixed with your rice too.

Finally, leeks in a creamy saffron sauce gave you the “soupy” feel and added some greenery to the orangey dish.

Since your family of Risottos has this tradition of being really filling, diners (an average Asian diner) often face difficulty in finishing you guys at one sitting. The risotto taste often becomes too overpowering towards the end and people just give you guys up.

BUT, I finished you up, so it does say something good about your lightness and taste.


The other colleague of yours was the King Prawn Spaghetti. It came with baby spinach, red onion and red chilli in a tomato and garlic sauce.

One awesome thing about Prezzo is that it provides both light  and regular servings to cater to both diners with smaller appetites and I suppose a “more regular” appetite. My friend ordered the light version and well, it was still rather big a portion (see above picture).

Anyway, a job well done Mrs Risotto! You made my night!

Yours Truly,
A very full and satisfied diner


Starters: From £4.95
Mains: From £7++ to £13++
Desserts: From £3++  to £5++

For the Menu: 

To find your nearest Prezzo:


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