China House @ Bloomsbury

A short note to Mr. Beef Brisket Rice:

I believe that I am not the only one who feels this way, but you seem to be the best dish in China House, surpassing your fellow friends such as Wanton Mee and Chicken Rice for the Lunch Menu.

Not that I have really tried a lot Chinese food in London, but my Chinese origins tell me that you’re really pretty tasty.

You’re definitely complementary to the restaurant you work for, adding substance to its newly renovated storefront and interiors.

Well because you’re supposed to be awesome, I took a final picture of you before devouring you.


Sorry I could not take a better last shot of you but.. just look at how generous the portion is! Never had so much rice in my life before at one sitting. Mr. Beef Brisket was chewy and tender, the sauce was authentic BUT there was quite a bit of fat in there. Keep your calories in check when ordering this!

R.I.P Mr.Beef Brisket Rice.

Yours faithfully,


Lunch Set: £6.60 ++
(Comes with one main and a complimentary soup)
Ala Carte: £7.50-£15.00 approximately

To check out the Menu:


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