Roka @ Canary Wharf

Dearest dearest Roka,
YOU ROcKA-ed my world!!!! Loved everything about you. Here are a few reasons why…


#1: How cool is it to have free flow, buffet-style sides and starters at the counter. You served over 30 variations: sashimi, skewers, sushis, cold udon, tempura and etc. (Take more sashimi, its pretty good, and makes your meal more worthwhile).


#2: On arrival, we could choose either a Bloody Mary or Bellini drink for the start.

Then, there are other free flow drinks. Passion Fruit Green Tea was one of them (see picture above, the green thing). It was a light drink that wasn’t too sweet, a great “chaser” after stuffing yourself with loads of food.


#3: Mains can be selected from the Robata or the Kitchen. Your friendly waitress advised the three of us to order different mains to share. TRUST HER, or regret. Loved the service of your staff too. Pretty efficient.

Although the portions do not look huge, they’re really filling. We had Pork Ribs, Teriyaki Salmon, and Ribeye Steak. My favorite was the Salmon Teriyaki. It was juicy enough and made to the right texture and taste.

IMG_5277 #4: End off your meal with a Desserts Platter (Raspberry Slice, Pudding and Chocolate Cake). Just a word of advice, do not be greedy and take too much sides, or the desserts would be a torture instead of a pleasure. Oh and please reserve. Its pretty crowded. That was how you ROcKA-ed my world. Thanks mate. Cheers. Crawling away from the entrance, Super full and satisfied


Price for Brunch (excluding 12.5% service charge)
Adults: From £42.00/ pax
Children (up to 10 years old) : £14.90/ pax
For Reservations 
Online (open between 10am-6pm; for up to 5 guests preferably):
Telephone (recommended for large groups >5): 020 7636 5228

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