Castle Terrace

Dear Little Miss Green Salad Ball,

You did a really good job in making my meal memorable at Castle Terrace. Thank you very much! I’ll let you know more about your contributions in a bit.

Firstly, I had a hard time finding this place. Its hidden on the OTHER side of the castle?! Embracing the cold in Scotland’s winter wasn’t easy, especially with the very strong breeze.  When I arrived, I was SOO tired.

Plonked myself down on the seat and ordered a 3-course brunch meal. The starters appeared.

castle terrace2

This plate of weird looking, and seemingly unflattering stuff laid before my eyes.

And you, Miss Green Salad Ball with your fellow twin green salad ball were the two weirdest looking things on the plate, second to the black zig-zagged  stamp looking stuff.

But whatever it is, we were too hungry to be bothered by the looks of the dishes. So.. we decided to eat you up FIRST…MUAHAHA,


YOU WERE AWESOME. YOU’RE A SALAD BOMB FILLED WITH GOODNESS. You exploded in a mix of different flavors, like a HUGE caviar (except you’re green). Basically, you tasted like ONE plate of salad squeezed into one ball.

Just as how we should never judge a person by his first impression, we should not judge food from its looks either.

The more beautiful looking dishes appeared after Miss Salad Ball left us. However none of them tasted as special as our green friend.

castle terrace3

We had a more pretty-looking starter: foie gras. Portion was just nice, the orangey looking thing was a good complement to the foie gras. It took the strong foie gras taste away from our palate.


At every fine dining restaurant, there is always some free stuff to take away. Here’s ours. Looks dubious, a little like soil, but tasted fine. One thing interesting about this is that I did not manage to figure out what ingredients they used.

castle terrace 4

castle terrace 6

For mains, we had haddock with beetroot puree (top). I would not think that this was the best fish ever, but nevertheless fulfilled the freshness criteria. Another was risotto (bottom). Interestingly, it was black in color, probably some squid ink. However, it did not leave a lasting impression as well.

castle terrace5

A good meal ends off with a blast when there are good desserts! We had chocolate brownie with ice-cream. We often assume that brownies go with vanilla ice-cream. But this was different, it felt like there was hazelnut in it.

All in all, an interesting meal, that kicked off really well with a Green Bomb.

Once again, thank you for your selfless contribution to our meal, Miss Green Salad Ball.

A very satisfied tourist.


Price for brunch:
£28.50 (3 course)

For Online Reservations:

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday (12noon-2pm; 6.30pm-10pm)


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